Focus on the processing and development of natural health food

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Focus on the processing and development of natural health food

📱Service Hotline:+86 28 85850095

Forest Harvest


-Forest Harvest-

Wild fungi, except for a few species, are mostly produced in summer and autumn. Fresh products have short seasons and high fresh-keeping requirements, but they are favored by the market because of their irreplaceable taste and fragrance in other product forms.

For the Japanese, Matsutake mushroom are said to be the king of all mushrooms because of the great aroma and flavor. It has been an important element of Japanese cuisine for at least 1,000 years.
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Sarcodon imbricatus
This is an impressive toothed mushroom,wildly distributedin Tibet area in china. Crop season are during Summer and Autumn season, it waswell-known with very strong smell and goods taste.
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Well-known as "golden chanterelle" and "egg mushroom," the chanterelle is prized for its wonderful aroma, which most people describe as "fruity, much like apricots."
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This mushroom is known world-wide as one of the best edibles. It is called the cep in France, the Steimpilz in Germany, porcini in Italy--and the "king bolete" in English speaking countries.
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Morels are among the most highly prized of all the Wild Harvest Mushrooms. The reason is plain. Their taste is superb! Their great value may also be found in their elusiveness. While they often grow in profusion they may be very difficult to see-especially for the inexperienced.
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Since the times of the Greeks and Romans, these fungi have been used in Europe as delicacies, as aphrodisiacs, and as medicines. They are among the most expensive of the world's natural foods.
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Adhering to the principle of "Natural, Healthy and Delicious", we carefully collect natural and pollution-free raw materials, and process and produce rare edible mushroom products represented by truffles, matsutake, morels, delicious boletus, and chanterelles.

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