Focus on the processing and development of natural health food

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Focus on the processing and development of natural health food

📱Service Hotline:+86 28 85850095


  • Japanese Mushroom Cooked Rice

  • The aroma of mushrooms alone is enough to dump all living beings, and simple raw materials can make the original taste of the ingredients more beautiful.
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Koshihikari rice or Tohoku rice: 2 cups

Fresh matsutake: 6-10

Baby corn: 9

Oil: a little


Japanese juice:

Mirin: Two tablespoons

Salt: one teaspoon

Japanese sake: two tablespoons

Muyuhua: a small handful

Broken crabapples: moderate amount

Ripe white sesame seeds: a handful




① Rinse the rice and drain the water for later use.
②Wash the bamboo shoots and cut off the old man for later use.
③Wash all the matsutake mushrooms, remove the stalks and slice them for later use.



①Put a little oil in the frying pan and heat on medium heat
②Pour matsutake mushrooms and fry until slightly charred on both sides, set aside.
③Squeeze the matsutake mushrooms slightly, pour the pressed soup back into the pot, pour the washed rice and stir fry until the juice is collected. Pour the rice into the rice cooker.



① Add one teaspoon of salt, two tablespoons of mirin and two tablespoons of sake to the rice.
②Pour the Japanese-style juice to a water level that is slightly less than the usual normal cooking water level.
③Pour the fried matsutake and bamboo shoots into the rice cooker.
④Press the "fine cooking" button.



When it is ripe, serve it and sprinkle with cooked sesame seeds, chopped seaweed, and katsuobushi (you can also sprinkle with Japanese fragrant pine).

Adhering to the principle of "Natural, Healthy and Delicious", we carefully collect natural and pollution-free raw materials, and process and produce rare edible mushroom products represented by truffles, matsutake, morels, delicious boletus, and chanterelles.

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